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Genres: Psy, Psy-Trance, Progressive, Dub-Step, Jungle, Breaks, Drum’nBass, Big-Beats, Dub, Reggae

I work with an array of different genres creating vivid and energetic sets; with thrilling rhythms, heavy bass lines and soulful lyrics.

I have played at Psy-Trance parties, street festivals and birthday parties. Through I had a chance to play at venues across Switzerland such as Cafete in Bern; Borderline in Basel and Club Schlaflos in Aarau. 

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Am living in Switzerland, Zurich since 2013 after living in London UK for over 15 years.

My musical experience has very much been influenced by London, Brixton events with Dub-Step, Jungle, Breaks, Drum’nBass and Big-Beats parties.

Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) made me dance and fight for many years to Brazilian and African beats. The rhythm of Capoeira will always be within me. 

Several visits to Goa showed me the world of Psychadelic Trance.

I play the guitar, write my own songs and play various rhythmical instruments. DJ-ing I started in December 2015.

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Agency: Me

Email: gipsytrip(at)

The artist

Nationality: Swiss

Resident in: Zürich, Switzerland